31 Day Confidence Challenge

31 Days.
Your challenge?
Build confidence and backbone.

What better way to kick-off 2015 than with a strong sense that you’ll nail it?

What if you could start the year saying “Fuck yes, I got this” in response to those voices in your head that make you doubt what you can do, second-guess your worth and please everybody else but you.

I want you to trust yourself more. Not just because it give you the warm fuzzies, but because that sense of I got this is what allows you to think bigger. To take a stand in your life. To make something beautiful happen.

That’s what confidence and backbone make possible, and so here’s your challenge:

Are you ready to build confidence and backbone, and risk making something beautiful happen?

This is the challenge I want you to to take up (if you’re ready for it), because it’s by taking on challenges like this that you get to say:

  • I’m done second-guessing every decision I (try to) make.
  • I can productively deal with the voice of self-doubt that trips me up.
  • I can stop pleasing everyone else and falling in line with what they want.
  • I’m done with the comfort-zone-loitering that holds me back.
  • I’m able to respond effectively to my fears and show them who’s really in charge.
  • I’m free to spend heaps more time on the things I’d really love to do.

And that’s just the tippy-tip of a whopping great big iceberg.

And the best part is, we don’t have to turn you into something you’re not or turn you into a grinning, happy-clappy, go-getting, chest-bumping, self-help-filled automaton to bring out the good stuff. It’s all in you right now, just waiting to come out. You’ve felt the good stuff inside you before, right?

It’s those times when you’re at the top of your game. You’re flowing. You’re at ease. You’re having fun. You’re being you, naturally.

It’s being in the moment without lacking the confidence to be in the moment. That, my friend, is what confidence makes possible.

So how about it?

You ready to stop doubting, second-guessing and having fear keep you small? Happy to see how you could nail 2015? You up for a challenge?

Sweet. Let’s do it.

A word of caution…

This is a challenge. It’s not a scented back rub or a warm pair of silk socks.

If you’re ready, these 31 days will require you to show up and put in some real effort. There will be days that challenge you. There will be tough questions. And there will be days when you think to yourself “I don’t need to do this. I’ll just quit now, Steve won’t know.”

So sure, in 31 days you could just as easily watch that new boxset, learn a dozen ways to cook with kale or make a glittering fairy castle out of toilet rolls and Papier Mâché.

Awesome, do those things. Sounds great.

Just realise that doing those things won’t stretch you, build your confidence or grow your backbone.

Accepting a challenge requires a different kind of choice.

The choice to take a stand in your life.

The choice to be yourself unapologetically.

The choice to make a commitment to yourself.

The choice to lean into what’s out there.

What’s the Deal?

Every day from January 1st to 31st, I’ll send you a fresh, actionable email that will help build natural confidence. I’ll give you tools to gain important insights, exercises that get you stepping out of your comfort zone and strategies to manage fear and second-guessing.

Everything builds over the 31 days, the ideas connecting and your insights growing, and by the end of January you should see a real levelling up of your confidence.

Everything I’ll throw at you during the challenge is founded on what I’ve seen work with clients, covering these 4 pillars:

  1. Challenging what you think. Your actions and results are a product of the thoughts you have. We’ll have you thinking more like you.
  2. Building a congruent environment. Oxygen gives fuel to fire, just as a lack of it kills any flame. We’ll build an environment that brings what matters to life.
  3. Mastering the inner game. That head of yours is marvellous, but it also plays tricks on you. We’ll let the light in and make sure you’re calling the shots.
  4. Taking action. All of this is nothing without taking action, so we’ll have you stepping out of your comfort zone and making things happen.

Importantly, there’s also a community Hub, a place where you can ask questions, share your insights, see how others are doing, get some help or call me all the names under the sun for not letting up (that’s okay, I can take it).

Don’t just take my word for it

Here’s what some of the January 2014 intake had to say about their experience:

“I haven’t lost my self-confidence,
it’s simply buried under a lot of doubting stories.”
– Dave Goossen, BC

“I really liked the 31 Days. It makes sense and challenged me to actually face many of the reasons why I tend to give up. It is a huge step on the path to self fulfilment and finding one’s inner sense of worth. I am extremely glad I was able to participate. I would recommend it to anyone.”
– HD, New Mexico

“Would definitely suggest others do it and that they take it seriously and set aside time to commit each day to really doing the work, even if (or especially if!) it feels icky or scary.
It’s astounding how much you care about us :)”
– CV in Montreal

“It is a good investment.
It helps you to think through a lot of important stuff.”
– Tuukka in Helsinki

Last but not least…

I’ve thrown in the option to talk with me one-to-one during the month to really bring the challenge to life and tackle any issues head-on.

How we use the time is up to you. We can run through one of the exercises together so you can nail it and get to an insight that may have been tantalisingly out of reach. We can laser in on something you feel is blocking you and find a way through. Or we can tackle a decision that you’ve been putting off because you don’t feel ready to make it.

Just for the 31 Day Confidence Challenge I’ve slashed my coaching rates (an hour of coaching normally comes in at $250), and you get to chose from one of 3 packages.

31 Day Confidence Challenge – Silver

  • The email programme for all 31 Days of the Challenge
  • Access to the Community Hub to share progress and ask questions


31 Day Confidence Challenge – Gold

  • The email programme for all 31 Days of the Challenge
  • Access to the Community Hub to share progress and ask questions
  • Plus, a 45 minute, one-to-one coaching session to use during January


31 Day Confidence Challenge – Platinum

  • The email programme for all 31 Days of the Challenge
  • Access to the Community Hub to share progress and ask questions
  • Plus, a 90 minute, one-to-one coaching session to use during January


Your window of opportunity…

The course kicks off on January 1st (champagne hangover and all), and registration closes promptly at midnight on Wednesday 31st December.

Registration closes in:

When 2014 ticks over into 2015, registration closes.

Procrastinate and you’ll miss out (potentially in all kinds of ways), and that would make me sad. I don’t want to be sad. I figure you’re not so keen on it either.

So, if you’re ready for a challenge in 2015 and ready for what more confidence would bring you (i.e. ways to manage self-doubt, strategies to stop second-guessing, techniques for confident decision-making and tools to feel good enough no matter what), simply pick your package and register.

I’ll hope to be emailing you on January 1st (exciting!), and either way, let me wish you a cracking 2015!

Want to stop second guessing yourself? Sign up now and I'll show you how.