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You + Confidence = Someone who does really cool shit.

Any of these sound familiar…?

  • You come back from vacation and on your way back to work you wonder how much longer you can keep doing what you’re doing.
  • When you’re about to make a significant decision you fall into a cycle of second-guessing and self-doubt that confuses, frustrates and stops you.
  • You remember how you felt and how you wanted your life to be when you were a teenager, at college or when you first started work – all eagerness, hope, energy and enthusiasm to make a splash – but you’ve kinda lost touch with that part of you.
  • You’ve been successful and you’ve done a grand job to get where you are, but you still feel like something’s missing.  It feels like you need to make a new choice, but you don’t want to risk where you are and don’t know where to start.
  • You see other people doing amazing things in their professional and personal lives, and know deep down that you can’t wait another 5 years to start something.

Then you’re in the perfect place

This is where I’ve put everything I’ve learned since I started coaching in 2002, and The Playbook has just one purpose:

To give you everything you need to get out there and put a you-shaped dent in the universe.

This stuff gets my blood pumping, but the part that really excites me is wondering just what your dent will be…

There are 5 key tenets that are woven throughout the Code:

  1. You’re always in credit. You possess capabilities, gifts and talents that are always with you, and it’s these things that make you unique and extraordinary.
  2. Your values reflect your heart and soul, and amazing things happen when your actions reflect your values.
  3. Your environment – from your body to your friends to your work to your home – can bring to life what matters to you most; and it’s where the change that stems from heart-based decisions is experienced.
  4. Your natural self-confidence can be felt and applied in order to make extraordinary choices, and to deal with any outcomes from those choices.
  5. It takes practice, but that practice can be fun, joyous or whatever else it is that makes you feel like a superhero.  It doesn’t have to feel like a struggle.

Inside The Code of Extraordinary Change Playbook, you get my proven formula for cracking life wide open; an imperative framework that helps you stop living automatically and start living deliberately, richly and meaningfully.

The emotional and insightful rewards that came after doing each exercise were unbelievable. I had epiphany after epiphany! Once you have given that to yourself you simply can’t forget it. It re-programs you to notice, accept and change direction, even if you do fall off the wagon, which is only human, it’s OK because you get back on.”

– Tonya from LA

And this isn’t a one-use thing – it’s there for as long as you want to use it, helping you when you feel like you need a little boost and when you need help the most.

Here are just some of the problems it renders obsolete:

  • You’re scared of becoming a dreary person in a tedious job.  Scratch that, the thought terrifies you.
  • You fall into a cycle of second-guessing and self-doubt when you try to make decisions.  How do you know whether it’s the right thing?  How can you know which decision is the right one?  What if…?
  • You’ve learned to play some things safe, but you know full well you can play them bigger and better.
  • You’re waiting – for the right time, for the right situation, for the right feeling, and you’re scared that whatever you’re waiting for might never come.
  • You have a secret fear that your life will never come into focus and you’ll drift to a place you never intended to end up.  What about how you wanted things to be when you were a teenager, or at college, or in your first year of work?  What happened to that drive and passion?
  • You sometimes get a feeling in the pit of your stomach that your life might never be as extraordinary as you once expected or hoped it to be.

The Code of Extraordinary Change contains ideas that can catch fire and make it easy to take natural, congruent, repeated action towards what matters to you.

I can’t emphasize this enough, so I’ll say it again.

Natural, congruent, repeated action towards what matters to youThat’s how extraordinary things happen in the world, don’t you think?

This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to find out what makes you extraordinary.
  • You want to find out what you’re capable of.
  • You’re eager to start because you’ve waited long enough.
  • You’re perfectly happy to put in the effort.
  • You’re not afraid of some tough questions (and tougher answers).
  • You know deep down, and always have known, that you can have an extraordinary life.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want someone else to do the heavy lifting and just want an easy ride.
  • You don’t feel ready (or ready enough) to be totally honest with yourself.
  • You know full well that even if you get the Playbook you won’t follow through or give it a chance.
  • The idea of a little discomfort is simply too uncomfortable for you.
  • You want change right now and aren’t ready to work at it.
  • You don’t have the time or space to bring your A-game to this.

I continue to make my choices based on what matters to me, and I’ve helped people all around the world to do the same.  That’s what matters to me; that’s my dent in the universe.

I’ve really put everything I know into the Playbook – the most powerful techniques I know for building natural self-confidence and reaching that place where you’re ready, willing and compelled to put your dent in the universe.  The Playbook will last you your whole life, and the insights you’ll gain from the first couple of chapters alone can be nothing short of extraordinary.

Here’s what’s inside:

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You’ll walk away with:

  • Clarity about what’s got you here
  • A view into the many stories you tell yourself to justify holding yourself back
  • A simple but extraordinarily powerful story that cracks open your future
  • A new, empowering narrative that frees you up from pain and hurt

You’ll walk away with:

  • A feeling of what you have to offer the world; your true north
  • Knowledge of the things you have 10-thousand feet down inside you that you can always depend on
  • How to use what truly matters to to transform your experience
  • Insights into what makes you uniquely and wonderfully YOU, and how to use that in your everyday life
  • How to change those situations that anger, frustrate or disappoint you

You’ll walk away with:

  • Knowing what you’re great at, and just how far those things reach
  • How to stop beating yourself up for your weaknesses
  • A compelling feeling of what you’re like when you’re at your best, and the ability to switch that on at will
  • An understanding of where your true strengths lie and how to use them to make things happen

You’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of the roles you adopt and the scripts you follow without even realizing
  • Being able to let go of the old ways of doing things that no longer serve you well
  • A feeling of being unburdened from the ways you should do stuff
  • An understanding of the decisions your brain makes on your behalf, and the ability to make better choices where you want to

You’ll walk away with:

  • The ability to shape what’s around to make it fit with who you are and what truly matters to you
  • Insights into how the 10 different parts of your environment help you or hinder you
  • The feeling that you can let go of the need to control everything
  • A way to stop struggling
  • Strategies for dealing with the things that you think you need to put up with or tolerate

You’ll walk away with:

  • Deep insights into what restores your head, heart and body
  • How to prioritise your own well-being even when things are crazy busy
  • An understanding of what stops you from taking good care of yourself
  • The ability to make choices about where you put your energy and focus

You’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of the 3 types of thinking your brain is busy with every single day
  • Insights into how the negative and positive expectations can dramatically affect your experience of life
  • The capacity to put an end to second-guessing and self-doubt
  • Knowledge of what your brain craves at the expense of your happiness
  • Powerful ways to stop your inner critic from telling you how things are going to be
  • Deep insights into how to think in ways that unburden and enrich you

You’ll walk away with:

  • A strong sense of where you need to be going and what you need to be doing
  • Insights into the problems with traditional goal-setting and why they might not be working for you
  • A system that makes it simple for you to take repeated, meaningful action towards the stuff that matters
  • Strategies to deal with those times when thing go wrong or life sucks
  • How to be just fine with whatever life throws at you

Every 2 weeks…

The Playbook is set up as an ecourse; pick up your copy and you’ll get chapter 1 straight away, then each subsequent chapter will be delivered to your inbox every 2 weeks.

Why not give you the whole lot in one go? Because I don’t want you to be overwhelmed; I don’t want you to leaf through, find it interesting and never do anything; I don’t want you rush through it because you can’t wait to finish; I don’t want you to miss something important.

The real benefit comes when you have enough time and space to really get into the content and the worksheets, and dealing with one chapter every 2 weeks is the absolute optimum pace to to wring every last drop from what’s in here.  Trust me.

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The ultimate guide to putting your dent in the universe.


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P.S. You and I both know there’s a lot of stuff out there, and I can tell you that this isn’t some fluffy, fu-fu, wafer thin set of waffle that achieves nothing.  I have zero interest in bamboozling you or misleading you, which is why I’ve filled the Playbook with the very best techniques I’ve developed and used with clients over the last decade (and in my own life), so I know they work. The whole thing is aimed squarely at having you realize how bloody brilliant you are so you can go and put your dent in the universe and you can try it at zero risk. If you don’t like it, let me know within 30 days and you’ll get a 100% refund.

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