Time to Start Making Your Dent?

I’ve built these things to help you put your dent in the universe.  That’s their purpose. That’s what they do.

I’ve given them everything I’ve got and they contain really simple tools and strategies that build natural confidence and make meaningful, lasting change happen.

These aren’t just more stuff for you to read when you’re bored on a rainy Sunday or to pay lip service to. They can make a real difference to your life, but you gotta grab them, digest them, do the exercises, apply some thought (not too much), learn what you can learn and then start doing things.

That’s how this works – I’ll give you everything I’ve learned from over a decade of confidence coaching, and you start doing things.  Deal?  Awesome, go right ahead.

Staying Up When You’re Put Down

Free yourself from being put down by others

  • Discover an amazing way to change how you experience hurtful put-downs
  • Learn how to safely grow your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Spot the patterns that lead to a put-down and how you can interrupt them
  • Find out what you can do if you’ve tried to change things but it’s just not working
  • Learn what to do if you’re scared of rocking the boat
  • Discover the things that will make the biggest difference to you

It sucks when someone who should be showing you respect puts you down or makes you feel small. It’s immensely damaging. But you don’t have to put up with it and there are things you can do to change it.

You deserve better.


Want – Know It. Feel It. Trust It. Do It.

Discover what you want and create your gameplan

  • Discover what you really want – your unfettered, undiluted and unashamed wants
  • Learn how to separate what you really want from what you think you want
  • Learn practical ways to balance your head and heart, without any fluff or bs
  • Create an environment that brings what you want to life, rather than killing it
  • Deal with what happens when self-doubt and fear threaten to keep you from what you want
  • Get The Gameplan and The Gameplan Journal bundled in, helping you to build a rock-solid gameplan that will bring to life what you want

Ever asked yourself what you really want; the thing that would make your life come into focus; the thing that would make you feel like you’re mattering or making a difference?

Asking yourself “what do I really want” can be fiendishly hard to answer (especially when you’re really craving an answer to it), which is why I’ve put together a heap of tools and strategies that get straight to the heart of what you really want.

Plus, bundled with Want at zero cost you’ll get The Gameplan and The Gameplan Journal – giving you everything you need to create a practical gameplan that will bring you what you want. Not bad, huh?


31 Day Confidence Challenge

The Challenge: Build confidence and backbone, and risk making something beautiful happen. In 31 Days.

  • Get past the self-doubts and analysis-paralysis that keep you stuck
  • Take the second-guessing out of making decisions
  • Put an end to dancing to everyone else’s tune
  • Be more comfortable going out of your comfort zone
  • Productively deal with pesky, life-limiting fear
  • Spend more of your time actually doing the stuff that really matters

If you really want to nail 2015, perhaps it’s time for a different kind of challenge. Running from January 1st to 31st 2015, you’ll get a fresh, actionable email every day, each one helping you build natural confidence and take a stand in your life.

You’ll get tools to gain important insights, exercises to get you out of your comfort zone, strategies to manage fear and a community Hub to ask your questions.

Accepting a challenge requires a different kind of choice. You ready?.


The Code of Extraordinary Change Playbook

The ultimate guide to creating and sustaining meaningful change

  • Connect strongly, deeply and lastingly with what makes you extraordinary
  • Learn how put an end to the cycle of second-guessing and self-doubt when you make decisions
  • Learn what you brain craves above everything else, and how it can really screw things up for you
  • Discover how to stop struggling and start living
  • Unburden yourself of the things that stop you and drain you
  • Understand the 3 types of thinking your brain normally engages in and how to think better
  • Equip yourself with the in-built qualities that make you a force of nature
  • Get an action plan for putting your dent in the universe

This is it folks; the BIG ONE. The Playbook is the ultimate universe-denting guide; giving you time-tested insights, exercises, ideas, structures and strategies to crack life wide open.

It combines everything I’ve learned from a decade of coaching along with some of the latest findings from the extraordinary field of neuroscience, plus a heap of feedback about what was good and bad about what I was doing and how I was doing it.

Its 136 pages, 8 chapters and 30 worksheets are aimed at unburdening you of the things that weigh you down and hold you back and equipping you with the things that move you, drive you and make you a force of nature.

It’s all here in the Playbook. Sweet.


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