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The Code of Extraordinary Change helps you show self-doubt, second-guessing and people-pleasing who's boss.

It builds on what you already know, leverages your natural inner confidence (yeah, you have it) and takes you to a place where you're ready to get out there, be yourself and put your dent in the universe.

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5.5 Lies You Need to Stop Telling Yourself

There are certain things I tell myself that I know to be true.Cats are bastards I should so write for the Onion Geez Emily Blunt's lovelyThose are all undeniable facts of course, but there … Read More.

Free as a bird

Doing What You Don’t Know

Doing what you don't know is like freefalling.At some point, if you want to go forwards, you have to just let go and drop into the space that's right there in front of your face.You don't know … Read More.

Nine of Hearts

How to Love Yourself

Let me say first of all, and sorry to disappoint some of you, but this is not a guide to masturbation.I could maybe offer a tip or two in that regard (don't do it while operating heavy machinery, … Read More.

dream of horses and birds

How to Get Back (and Keep Getting Back) on The Horse

Holy shit it's February already.I swear that someone's spinning the Earth faster because it only seems like a few days ago that I was playing with my nephew's Christmas toys and eating my own body … Read More.

I make a point of wearing this when I give talks about happiness - because happiness requires bravery.

49 Reasons To Be Brave

Brave comes in really bloody handy if you're a trapeze artist, astronaut or about to land a plane in the Hudson, but otherwise it's not something we think about a whole lot.Until, that is, a … Read More.


5 Harsh Truths of Life You’d Rather Not Think About

Life is a whole lot of things all smooshed together. You can literally quote me on that.It's cruel, beautiful, harsh, joyful, mysterious. Sometimes it smells like herb roasted chicken. Other times … Read More.

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