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The Code of Extraordinary Change helps you show self-doubt, second-guessing and people-pleasing who's boss.

It builds on what you already know, leverages your natural inner confidence (yeah, you have it) and takes you to a place where you're ready to get out there, be yourself and put your dent in the universe.

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If you are never scared, embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take chances

What to Do If You’re Scared of Change

Every time I get a new freelancing contract in a new place, I get a little scared. What am I walking into? What if I hate it? What if it all goes tits up?Every time I go on a date, I get a little … Read More.

should i?

5 Ways to Beat Self-Doubt

Every project I take on, I wonder if this is the one that I crawl away from with egg on my face. Every article I write, I wonder "What if I have nothing to say?". Every date I go on, I wonder whether … Read More.

"Era un vecchio che pescava da solo su una barca a vela nella Corrente del Golfo ed erano ottantaquattro giorni ormai che non prendeva un pesce. A quel punto decise che era giunto il momento di mangiarsi quei succulenti filetti di tonno in vetro..."

Ernest Hemingway, Confidence Coach

There were the the wasteland days when I couldn't have gathered together enough confidence to smear over a slice of hot toast.Then there was the slow discovery that there was something to this … Read More.

No cussing sign

10 Reasons Success is a Dirty Word

Knob-gobbler.Fucknuts.Twunt.Vulva.Success.5 dirty words.Please excuse my potty mouth (actually don't, it's part of my English charm), but for me, the word "success" is becoming … Read More.


Let Them See You

Being super-smart and insightful like you are, you'll no doubt be aware that you're staring into a screen right now.Well done. You've passed the first test.But close your eyes and that screen … Read More.

I Give Up

7 Things 8 Years of Chronic Illness Has Taught Me

The first time I told someone that I'd been diagnosed with M.E., I choked on the words and found tears welling up in my eyes.So I blurted it out, then hurried away to pull myself together and man … Read More.

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