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The Code of Extraordinary Change is a model for productively dealing with self-doubt, second-guessing and people-pleasing, while also building genuine inner confidence and fuelling meaningful change.

It cracks life wide open, taking you to a place where you're confident, capable and compelled to get out there and put a you-shaped dent in the universe.

Download it now for free and go dent the universe.

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swaying 2013-07-26 around ancaster

How to Not to Be Swayed by Others

You know what I think? You should sell up, close your bank accounts and give me 75% of the proceeds. It's probably best if you throw in a vacation for me too. Somewhere hot and on the water with good … Read More.

Armor - Philadelphia Museum of Art

Skin and Armour

There was a guy who once loved someone so deeply that he thought his heart would break forever when she went away. There was a guy who wanted to wrap his arms around the world but got distracted by … Read More.

outlier by Robert S. Donovan, on Flickr

Where Does Confidence Come From?

If you could pick up a carton of confidence at the store, along with your coconut water and granola, you'd soon be a confidence-guzzling giant. Need a boost of confidence to push through? Just mix … Read More.


ActionPoint > Great Expectations

People are like nitrogen or traffic jams - we're everywhere. At home, at work, in the store, on the street, in traffic, in meetings, in restaurants - people all over the place. To help navigate … Read More.


How to Deal With Rejection

My romantic history reads like Cliff Notes from all of Shakespeare's' tragedy's. And most of his comedy's. Not entirely successful then, with a smattering of jealousy and rejection by the ladle … Read More.


Curiosity Is Ready

Let's say there's something you'd like to start (and chances are, there is). Could be getting back into the dating world, starting up that creative project, making that career leap or moving to a … Read More.