Know what you really want?
Isn’t it time you found out?

Want. Know It. Feel It. Trust It. Do It.“What do I want” has got to be one of the most difficult questions to answer, don’t you think?

There are easy answers, like “to be happy“, “to be successful“, “for my family to be healthy“, “to have cool stuff” or perhaps even “to not have to worry about money“.

Anyone can come up with answers like those because it requires little or no thought, and little or no sense of who you are or what matters to you.

Fact is that there’s a whole universe of tricky stuff between those standard, stock answers and some real answers, and it’s in trying to figure this stuff out that you can tie yourself into knots and end up totally confused.

Like me, you’ll have asked yourself what you really want; the thing that would make your life come into focus; the thing that would make you feel like you’re mattering.

It’s Easy to Want the Wrong Things…

You’ll probably remember a time you thought you’d found what you really want, only to discover what you thought you wanted wasn’t really what you wanted after all.

“Want” is tricky like that.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

I know it all too well myself. I chased the wrong things (like lots of money, climbing the corporate ladder, taking expensive vacations, living a lifestyle I though I wanted) for way too long.

I ended up losing myself completely – and I’m talking your basic all-singing, all-dancing breakdown here – simply because I went after what I thought I wanted, rather than what I knew I wanted.

Having worked with hundreds of people since then, I’ve seen how easy it is to -

  1. Feel incomplete if you don’t know or trust what you want
  2. Doubt if you’ll ever be enough to live up to what you know you want
  3. Get scared that you might waste your whole life without ever really knowing what you truly want

People tell me stories about wanting the wrong things; how they were tired of not knowing what they really wanted, and how they wanted to know for sure, and how they wanted to be able to trust it too.

You know what that feels like?

Of course, I can’t tell you what you want any more than I can tell you what your favourite movie should be or what your star sign needs to be.

What you really want can only come from you, and the answer’s already in you.

So I’ve put together a model that allows you to find your own answer to the question “What do I want?”.

Here’s How It Works…

There are 7 chapters in the book, each one dealing with a different facet of what you want, allowing you to figure things out in a few different ways, all of it coming together to help you get to the answers that matter.

15 in-depth worksheets help you to figure out:

  • the stuff that’s always been woven through your life that give you massive clues about what you’ve always wanted
  • how to make it okay to want what you want, instead of feeling guilty or shameful about it
  • how to know the difference between a phantom want (something that seems as though you want it, but it’s nothing more than a phantom) and what you really want
  • how to not only know what you really want in an intellectual way, but to feel it and trust it too (think of it as linking head and heart together)
  • how to make a start to bring about what you want

The stuff in here has been tried, tested, developed, honed, stripped back, tested again, honed a bit more, laser-focused, tested a load more times, polished and brought together in a single place, all informed by over a decade of coaching clients on knowing what they want and having confidence in that knowing.

You’ll walk away with:

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  • An understanding that it’s quality of what you want, not the quantity
  • Clarity around the importance of what you want and its role in your life
  • Insight into how your thinking can strangle the life out of anything you want
  • A deeply embedded sense of what matters to you most
  • How to use what truly matters to you to transform your experience
  • How your values illuminate your wants
  • The ability to hear what you’ve always been telling yourself about what you want
  • An incredibly simple, powerful and compelling way to connect with the kind of person you always hoped you would be
  • A practial way to “listen to your heart”, without the fluff and bs
  • A way to eliminate the judgements you’re making about your life that muddy the “want” water
  • The ability to dial up the texture of your experience so you don’t get bogged down in the crappy stuff
  • Powerful insights into how you’re living, and how well that fits with what you want
  • The ability to eliminate the damage caused to what you want by the need for status, recognition and validation
  • How to get past the phantom wants straight to your “source wants” – the things you want that are unfettered, undiluted and unashamed
  • A fresh, personal picture of success that enables rather than disables
  • A deep understanding of the impact and meaningful difference you want to have
  • The “Difference Model” – a way of testing what you think you want to see if you really want it
  • The ability to spot the dirty tricks your ego can play on you and how to filter out your ego
  • Support in deciding to bring about what you want
  • A full sense of the waves and ripples caused by pursuing what you want
  • The ability to create an environment that brings what you want to life, rather than killing it
  • Tools to deal with what happens when what you want meets doubt and fear

Bundled Bonuses to Bring What You Want to Life!

It’s one thing knowing what you really want, it’s quite another to start doing stuff towards it, right?

That’s the scary part, and it’s where a lot of people find themselves stuck, full of fear, wanting to turn around and hide under the bed. Which is precisely why I’m bundling in 2 very special bonuses that give you tools to bring what you want to life.

The Code of Extraordinary Change Gameplan

When you know what you want it’s easy to jump straight into execution, perhaps even set a goal or two. The trouble is (and I’ve been saying this for years), goals bring with them a whole heap of trouble that can derail you before you’ve even started. Get this wrong, and like birthing a herd of invisible cattle you can waste a lot of time and energy only to end up losing sight of whatever it was you were trying to give birth to. Instead, you can:

  • Discover the big, unspoken problems with goal-setting and how they can really screw you up
  • Learn a simpler, more natural way of starting what you want, getting stuff done, having more fun and getting better results
  • Learn how not to have obstacles derail you
  • Get into the game right now rather than endless planning that never gets you anywhere
  • Discover how to do what you really want, on your own terms

The Gameplan

The Gameplan Journal

The Gameplan Journal is a toolkit that makes it easy to turn your ideas into actions, and for those actions to actually amount to a hill o’ beans. The Journal shows you how to build up momentum and take meaningful action, and works like a charm alongside the Gameplan. Like sunshine and Ray-Bans. Like steak and Bernaise. Like Jonathan and Jennifer Hart. Beautiful. With it, you’ll be able to:

  • Create specific actions that will get you to the heart of the stuff that matters to you
  • Have a single, simple method of taking meaningful action so you can’t forget about it or talk yourself out of it
  • Make it super-easy to check in on your progress and figure out what’s next
  • Get a flexible way to execute, track and celebrate your universe-denting antics

I’m throwing in The Gameplan and The Gameplan Journal at zero cost, simply because I want to make sure you can begin turning what you want into reality.

The Gameplan Journal

You’re welcome ;)

Big Booming Disclaimer

In the interests of full disclosure, there are a couple of things I want you to know.

  1. To get the most from Want, The Gameplan and The Gameplan Journal, you gotta use it. There’s no way you can just skim through this and expect it to work. You can’t skip over the content, race through the worksheets and expect to find your answers.So be ready to put in some work, okay? Don’t shy away from the difficult questions (and there are some really difficult questions in here). Pace yourself. Don’t force it. There’s no prize for finishing first; it’s not a competition.
  2. I have zero interest in bamboozling you and selling you the sizzle without the substance. That’s not the reason I became a confidence coach and it’s not why I’m here. I’m here because I want to give you substance; this stuff matters to me. I want to give you practical, proven tools that help you put your dent in the universe, and this bundle is one important way that I get to do just that. I’ve put my all into creating it, just as I hope you’ll put your all into working with it.

Important to say those things I think.

Want. Know It. Feel It. Trust It. Do It.

Stop second-guessing and going round in circles. Grab Want, and get The Gameplan and The Gameplan Journal thrown in.


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